Saline And Silicone Breast Implants – Which Do You Prefer?

breast-implants-image-2Breast augmentation has become a highly popular process that can be performed using various techniques that are different. And according to some study conducted by The Institute of Medicine, more than 15 million American women now have silicone breast implants. Among them, more than two third of these women received breast implant by altering shape or the size of the breasts to enhance their look.

As girls are more aware of their look this amount is unsurprising. Most girls either select saline or silicone breast implants that each has their own advantages. Keep reading to learn about how saline and silicone breast implants differ if you may not understand.

Silicone or Saline Breast Implants Silicone breast implants are not disadvantageous in specific scenarios. They feel more natural than saline implants in instances where a girl has hardly any breast tissue in the first place. Thus, it truly is the favored process for girls who are extremely narrow. If the breasts of a girl are a little B-cup or larger and the saline implants are fit underneath the chest muscle, or submuscular, the feel of the breast is quite natural.

Security: Saline implants are safer than silicone. Saline, which can be a clean saltwater solution, may leak out and become consumed by the body, if they rupture. On the other hand, may cause localized silicone granulomas, inflammation or capsular contracture, which induces tissue to tighten around results and the implant in the implant sensation as though its hardening.

Scar Location: Saline implants are readily added in the trans axillary incision, also referred to as the armpit incision, compared to silicone implants, because silicone implants are not easy to fit through a trans axillary incision. The incision is 5 cm for a silicone implant process and 2 cm for a saline implant, i.e. the resulting scar is about 2 cm for a saline implant whereas a silicone implant scar is about 5 cm.

Cost: Silicone implants are appreciably more costly in the long and short term than saline implants.

breast-implants-image-1Now, it is up to you whether you favor saline or silicone breast implants. Anything you pick, you should follow up the below preoperative work.

Drugs that can restrict the process, like those who raise the chance of bleeding, should be discontinued before surgery according to the directions of your physician.

A pregnancy test should be done.

Smoking must quit before the surgery for at least 2 weeks and 2 weeks after the surgery to enhance your surgical result.

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant soon after the process, you should realize that pregnancy can create changes in breast contour and size.

To better comprehend various breast implant processes, schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed, before you decide to get saline or silicone implants.