Types Of Breast Implants: Your Choice Is Important

types-of-breast-implants1Breast implants are considered prosthesis that are set surgically to enhance the feel and look of a female’s breasts. You’ll find numerous reasons girls like to get have this process done including breast replacing after gender shift, decorative motives, mastectomy and breast reconstruction due to numerous problems. Through the years there happen to be several kinds of breast implants created – here we will discuss a few.


The most widely used types of breast implants is the silicone variety. These implants are a silicone shell filled with silicone gel. Through the years, they’ve gone through several re-designs to give you the most lifelike breast reproduction. During the 90’s feel more natural and they were redesigned to be thinner but this made them more prone to rupturing and leaking. The silicone implants of today are manufactured with harder shells and filled with heavier silicone gel to prevent bleed and leakage. These implants cost nearly twice as much as saline.


Saline breast implants are significantly more economical, safer and scarring is minimized, because they can be filled after insertion. The one criticism with this particular kind of breast implants is the look and feel. These implants are more prone to rippling and are inclined to be less soft than silicone implants. On the plus size implants are more easy to add and the volume can be adjusted so to speak. The implants can be micro adjusted by your surgeon through the procedure to give a uniform look to them.


For a short time, there was a blend saline and silicone choice. These were created to give the feel and look of silicone with all the safety function of saline. This implant was basically an implant inside an implant, implant surrounded with a saline implant filled. Because of the elaborate building of these implants, the failure rates were considerably higher. Now this variety of breast implant is seldom if ever used.

Gummy Bear Implants

Otherwise called cohesive gel implants, they’re the most recent form of implant. So new in reality, they’re not yet qualified for use inside the United States, although several successful surgeries have been completed outside of the USA.